Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Superfares, we secure your private information and keep your personal data safe. Our commitment towards Our clients is to provide a secure system, so they do not have to worry about the leak of their personal information. That is why we have formulated this private policy to make the clients aware of the security norms that we follow. We have also given due consideration to technology advancement and legalities to come up with the following guidelines:

Personal Details Of Clients

There are several ways to gather the customer’s personal data. During our initial interaction, we ask for personal information from every customer such as name, phone number, address, email address and more, that help us to arrange for the cheap air tickets and airfare. Besides, like any other site, we store your information using a technology called “cookie,” whenever someone visits our website. Using these cookies, we track the information of the website user.

Use Of Client’s Personal Information

Superfares uses your personal information to ensure a pleasurable trip for you. This information is used for official purposes like application processing and invoicing. In addition, while booking a flight for you, we need to send your personal details to the airlines. We send all your details accurately and responsively, so you can use our services without any hassles.

Sharing Client’s Information

All the personal details that we have are strictly used for official purpose only. Any detail like name, email addresses or phone number that a client shares with us is kept securely.

Securing Information

We take all necessary steps to secure client’s information and effective measures are taken to prevent any unauthorized access to any personal detail of clients. Only employees and agents of Superfares have the access to any such information, which is given for the official purpose only.

How Can Clients Access Or Update Their Information?

You can contact us to correct or update your information stored with us anytime. We take all the necessary steps to cross- check the identity of the person before any information is changed or updated from our side. This is required to safeguard your security and privacy.

Internet Security

Today, because of advancement in technology, there is always a chance that the data on the internet is hacked. Hence, no company can offer complete security for data that is on the web. Any third party can collect your information from the transmission of personal details through the internet.

Client’s Information Collection Using Cookies

We, at Superfares, use cookie technology to gather the information of the potential client and to stay informed about who visits our website in search of Cheap Air Tickets. When anyone visits our site, through cookies we can track the personal details on their computer that they have used to access our site. With the help of these cookies, we are aware of our frequent visitors. It also helps us to understand the client behaviour, which further helps us for further improvements in content or a web page. In case the visitor does not want any information to be shared; there are options in the browsers to either warn or deny the access of a cookie. Please refer to Cookies Policy page.

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